The next generation kitchen appliance

Krushr plc was founded in 2007 when Martin Preen (CEO) commissioned the design of an appliance which would reduce the clutter in his kitchen, and the numerous trips they made to their dustbin.    Recycling had gained a firm grip on our national psyche and the cost of waste disposal was clearly only going in one direction.    It was in this environment that the idea was formed and the Krushr invented.

In an increasingly consumer-led and global marketplace, with a high demand for reducing one’s carbon footprint, Martin had to choose his Management Team carefully.   Of course he needed people he could trust to develop a quality product.  However those same people not only had to have the business acumen to launch and establish an entirely new concept but also had to have empathy with the “environmentally conscious consumer” being the target market.   And so the team was formed.